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The actors will pay Country Star Productions half the amount to secure their booking and half after receiving their final footage. Actors must book showreel scenes at least 4 weeks in advance i.e. their filming date is at least 4 weeks ahead of securing their booking by paying half the amount. Collene must receive the actors’ profiles/headshots and their character briefs (via phone call or email consultations) at least 3 weeks ahead of the filming date – sooner if possible! Collene will send the final script to CSP and the actors 1 week in advance of filming date (probably sooner – especially if the briefs are received earlier).


CSP are happy to talk about locations, make suggestions and offer help where possible. Actors can also find locations, but these must be either public access or a place where the actors have permission – such as a domestic house or similar. If the actors find a location, they must provide a description of this to Collene/CSP for writing the scene and planning the shoot. Photos of this location would also be much appreciated if possible. All details are helpful e.g. ‘we could use this corner of the room’ etc. Depending on where the location is situated, travel expenses at 0.45p per mile may apply.


Upon a booking being made CSP will pass on your contact details to Collene and vice-versa. Actors are required to send headshots and/or Spotlight page, CV to Collene as soon as possible to enable the scriptwriting to commence.

Each scene Collene writes will be for two actors. The scene scripts are final – she can’t offer re-writes or alternative scripts. She will do her best to follow briefs received by the actors, but can’t guarantee to write exactly as requested due to limitations of resources or for artistic reasons e.g. the scene story wouldn’t make sense and therefore, it doesn’t serve the actors!

For the 3 scene package you will require a minimum of 3 actors or a maximum of 4 to avoid repetition of actors within your scenes.


If an individual actor approaches CSP to book a showreel scene, we will encourage them to find a scene partner before making the booking. However, if they still want to book, Collene can write a scene – but it’s the actor’s responsibility to cast the other character from the script that Collene provides. (Obviously, this character would not be ‘bespoke’ to the actor cast.)

CSP understands the need of working actors and can work weekdays or weekends subject to availability.

CSP will send Collene all the relevant downloadable video files of the completed/final showreel scenes. Collene and CSP may upload these showreel scenes or clips of these scenes to their respective YouTube channels or other social media and use them to promote both Collene's scriptwriting work and CSP's services. (Collene retains copyright of all her showreel scene scripts)


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