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Martha Niklas
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Simon Grenville
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'Gary’s work has always impressed me, from the first day we worked together. His vision and attention to detail is effortlessly beautiful as he can create the most mundane images into something extraordinary. I have worked with him for a number of projects; including horror, drama and comedy- all of which he knows exactly how to make it so captivating while maintaining that relevant storyline. He is the most down to earth guy and always makes sure I feel comfortable in every scene, supporting me and giving me incredible feedback throughout the entire time of shooting. Thank you Gary for the funny times, the inspiration, and professionalism in everything you do. I hope we can work together again!'

'Highly professional filming day with Gary Rogers from Country Star Productions. Collene Webb's script was sharp and incisive and just what I needed for my showreel update.'

Sarah Gordon
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‘ I would highly recommend Collene's scriptwriting skills. When I needed a short period drama scene for my showreel, I specified that I would like to be a late-Victorian character who was not stern but instead had a sense of humour. In what seemed like no time at all she had created a bespoke scene that was both entertaining and intriguing, and with a many-layered character for me that was not at all stereotypical and had a mischievous and wry sense of humour. It was a pleasure to perform - so much so that I now long for her to write the full-length drama series to discover what happens next!’ 

Philip Jennings
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'Having worked with Collene and Gary on A Safe Passage (an original piece of drama intended for my actor’s showreel) I have no hesitation in recommending them. Collene took on board my suggestions of what I wanted out of the piece and came up with a perfectly-formed mini-drama which I am very pleased to display on my Spotlight online profile. Gary created a relaxed but focussed atmosphere on set, even while coping with the difficulties of filming in a public space. His cinematography and editing meshed with Collene’s script beautifully to produce a little dystopian gem.'

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