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At Country Star Productions we provide a full professional showreel service using 'top end' cinema cameras, such as Red Digital Cinema and Sony Cinema Line.

Why choose us over other companies for your showreel? Well it's not about the cameras, it's about our existing experience. As a DOP that has shot 13 feature films at time of writing, and many award winning shorts you are getting the quality you deserve to get you on your way as an actor. It's not just the filming side it's also the writing that is important. That is why we have teamed up with Collene Webb, an experienced, award winning scriptwriter that will work with you on a personal basis to create a scene that really works for you.

Collene is an award-winning and critically acclaimed scriptwriter, actress, producer and composer/songwriter from the West Midlands. She has been multi-tasking from a young age and trained on a BA (Hons) Acting course. She currently runs Redhead Reach – creating stage and screen productions which always feature at least one red-haired actor and promote gender equality.

Collene is delighted to be joining CSP as a screenwriter for actors’ showreel scenes. She has written scripts in a range of genres for stage and screen. Her recent writing/producing work includes The A to Z of Clueless Experts (a solo comedy/drama/sci-fi web series of 5 hours total running time) and Anne of Green Gables (a play with music – adapted from the classic novel, UK theatre tour). Some of her previous work includes a one-act play at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and a full stage musical (she created the book, music and lyrics at 14/15 years old).

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"The script is so important. A badly written script makes the actor look bad (no matter how amazing you are)! As your screenwriter, I endeavour to show you at your best by writing a bespoke scene which really feels like it’s from a TV series or feature film. Just check out these comments I’ve had on social media so far" 


‘Awesome. Hope you turn it into a full movie.’

‘Very good, and apt. Is there an outline for a longer drama?’

‘Have you written the rest of it?’


"I consider backstory and subtext to give your scene some intrigue/layers and emotional depth. I also bring my knowledge of producing, casting, marketing and acting. I will look through your CV and headshots. We can then chat about your casting types, any general ideas and the characters/genres you particularly enjoy working on or if there’s anything you want to avoid! Please bear in mind that your character must fit well with your scene partner too and work within the limitations of locations or resources we have available. You must also provide your own costumes and makeup! (We’re not able to use any weapons or gore.)

Your scene will be around 1.5 to 3 minutes in length, and you should receive your script about a week in advance of filming day. The script is the final version, and I can’t offer re-writes or alternative scripts.

I know how much your acting showreel can influence the work you get. As an actress, I was cast in my first two paid film roles from my showreel (with no audition!). I look forward to helping you create a stunning showreel and get cast in wonderful productions!"

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