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TOKYO CRIME SQUAD (THE LUCIE BLACKMAN CASE) - This documentary follows the horrifying case of the murder of Lucie Blackman. This true crime documentary dives into the dark world of serial killer Joji Obara, the Korean-Japanese serial rapist who it is said raped between 150 and 400 women.

Lucie Blackman disappeared while touring Asia with her friend back in May 2000.  It is believed she was working as an escort for business men and may be  where she met Joji resulting in her untimely death.

The filming of the interview with Lucie's father Tim Blackman was done at a special location on the Isle Of White on two Sony FX9 cameras as requested by the production company Beach House Pictures with Country Star Productions working with Blue Mill Studios to deliver the specific requirements set by Netflix for this sensitive and dark documentary.

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