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Any camera assistant will know just how important it is to keep track with how the cameras have been setup is. Something simple like incorrectly logging which filters were installed in a matte box can cause problems down the line if that information is used to re-shoot a scene.

Rental houses rarely have proper labels supplied with filter sets and there is nothing worse than resorting to masking tape to label your equipment!


After being in this position on a shoot we decided to create this set so you never fall short again, or end up looking bad on set either.


These colour coded labels cover the essential filters you will likely encounter on a shoot and include all the labels seen in the photos. Each label is laser engraved using the same material as our lens caps and is very hard wearing and robust. They have velcro on the rear and come with the matching self adhesive velcro that can be put on a matte box or camera. The set comes with a Lanyard with velcro insert so you can carry and swop out labels without any danger of loosing them.


All of this is presented in a hard shell case to keep the set safe.


Camera Filter Label Set

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