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A high quality 3d printed standard 0.8 Mod pitch seamless lens gear to fit a wide variety of lens focus ring diameters.

Width: 10mm

Manufactured in tough but flexible TPU (thermo polyurethane)

Slide on compression fitting for easy installation and removal

Allows unobstructed 360 degree rotation of lens barrel

The standard colour is BLACK with additional colours available for a small tooling fee.


Choosing a ring size.

Note. The focus barrel diameter is NOT the same as the filter thread diameter. (usually marked on the front of a lens)

A small amount of stretch is required for a secure fit so the lens ring size should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the lens barrel. (typically 0.5mm to 1.5mm)

Measure the diameter of the focus/zoom barrel on your lens. Subtract 0.5mm then round down to the nearest whole millimetre.

If your lens barrel was 75mm for example, then we would recommend a 74mm ring.

The best way to measure barrel diameters is to use some digital calipers.

Alternatively, a tape measure can be used to measure the circumference then divide your measurement by Pi. (3.141...) to get the diameter.


For custom sizes please see the seperate listing.

Seamless Follow Focus lens gear ring

  • We recommend making your measurement and subtracting 1mm for a good tight fit.

  • Please select your country on checkout for postage costs.

    Non UK orders please contact us for a postage quote before placing an order as prices can fluctuate depending on size and weight

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